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Article March 1, 1994

Following the Money

Why fewer and fewer men are becoming therapists.
Ilene Philipson

If the male perspective is lost entirely from our profession, the culture will once again see emotional work as women's work, and I think we all will lose Read more

Article March 1, 1994

Challenging cases are the least of many therapists' worries these days. The Golden Age of Private Practice is coming to an end and no one is-quite sure what... Read more

Article March 1, 1994

From the March/April 1994 issue We have grown used to having front-row seats during natural and political cataclysms like the Los Angeles earthquake... Read more

Article March 1, 1994
Olga Silverstein and Beth Rashbaum

Not only does his mother withdraw from him, she may even defer to him at this stage, which can be just as upsetting. Out of fear of emasculating him a boy... Read more

Article March 1, 1994

The adaptations necessary to make it in the competitive world of managed care go against many therapists' psychological grain. Read more

Article January 1, 1994
Jay Haley

Gazzangia, M,S. (1985). The social brain. New York: Basic Books.2. Haley, J. (1986). Uncommon therapy. New York: Norton.3. Kapleau, P. (1989). The three... Read more

Article January 1, 1994
Howard and Arthur Waskow

We cannot get through. My father, brother and I huddle in the hall. Arthur says, "It's up to Dad." Dad blinks in pain, his hazel eyes filmy behind his... Read more

Article January 16, 1991

From the Networker archives, a therapist discusses homophobia within clinical practice. Read more

Article May 16, 1988

Bringing Up Father

How My Children Taught Me the Secret of Fatherhood

When author Frank Pittman became a father, he discovered that the childhood absence of his own father left him with no idea how to relate to his kids. This... Read more

Article September 1, 1986

Cloe Madanes

Behind the One-Way Kaleidoscope

At the Family Therapy Institute of Washington, DC they don't believe self-knowledge fires the engine of change and insist instead that therapy is really just a... Read more