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Article September 2, 1996

Oh, How Happy We Will Be

The Future of Healthcare
Greg Crister

The pharmaceutical industry spends $10 billion on promotion every year. Is it so surprising that talk therapy is disappearing beneath the onslaught of today's... Read more

Article May 29, 1996

Breathing Room

Creating a Zone of Safety and Connection for Angry Black Teens

Therapy is about healing and also about promoting connection. The healing starts when we lance the wounds our clients bring in, help them vent their pain and... Read more

Article May 1, 1996

More than Love

The Parents of Adolescents Go Through Their Own Tumultuous Passage

For parents who are chronically pressed for time and feel increasingly impotent in the face of the perils that litter their teen's lives, backing off from... Read more

Article March 1, 1996

Work Spirit

Helping People Create More Satisfying Work Lives
Sherrie Connelly

Few people today are willing to accept a bad relationship, yet many settle for jobs that don't bring out the best in them. Some practical ideas for helping... Read more

Article March 1, 1996

Families facing a disabling illness often take refuge in a collective folie. Read more

Article March 1, 1996

I Gave at the Office

Men and the Romance of Work

What draws so many men to define their manhood through work success, and how can therapists help men--and the women in their lives--understand what they get... Read more

Article March 1, 1996
Saki Santorell

This article first appeared in the March/April 1996 issue.   1. Take a few minutes in the morning to be quiet and meditate sit or lie down and be... Read more

Article January 1, 1996

Stop making sense and allow yourself the luxury of tears. Read more

Article January 1, 1996

In our technological society, real death is hidden away while fantasized deaths are available for viewing in dizzying numbers. It's time to separate our... Read more

Article November 1, 1995

The Good Therapist

Continually Reassessing Its Role, Psychotherapy Gallops into a New Era

The culture of therapy in America has gone through periods of dramatic change every 15 or 20 years with almost clock-like regularity, as succeeding generations... Read more