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Overcoming Unwanted Intrusive Thoughts: A CBT-Based Guide to Getting Over Frightening, Obsessive, or Disturbing Thoughts
by Sally M. Winston, PsyD and Martin N. Seif, PhD
You are not your thoughts! In this powerful book, two anxiety experts offer proveneffective cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) skills to help get unstuck from disturbing thoughts, overcome the shame these thoughts bring, and reduce anxiety. If you, or someone you treat, are plagued by unwanted thoughts that are frightening or disturbing, this book may be life-changing. “Sally Winston and Martin Seif—two of the brightest minds in our field—deliver a simple yet powerful two-step process for ...[overcoming unwanted intrusive thoughts]” Reid. Wilson, PhD
Sacred Stress
by George Faller, MS, LMFT and The Rev. Dr. Heather Wright
Stress takes life and gives life. It is an inescapable part of our existence. The key to successful living is managing stress effectively and efficiently. Rather than letting stress shut us down and insidiously ravage our bodies, we need to embrace it as an opportunity to deepen self-awareness, form richer relationships and find spiritual vitality. Learning to befriend stress changes our relationship to it and empowers us to use stress as a catalyst for positive change in all areas of our lives.
Pathways to Possibility
by Rosamund Stone Zander
Pathways to Possibility is both more personal and far-reaching than Rosamund Zander’s best-selling book, The Art of Possibility. Life is about growth, she asserts, and demonstrates that we develop ourselves by dismantling and “rewriting” into an adult form, the inherited or child-based stories that make up our beliefs from our earliest days. This book takes the reader on a journey of becoming, starting in the cradle where patterns of perception and identity are launched. A new possibility emerges along the way: a wholly global self where changing definitions of “I” increase our power to be effective in the world.
The Actor’s Secret
by Betsy Polatin
Offering revolutionary new training, The Actor’s Secret (for all) introduces three powerful disciplines designed to transform: The Alexander Technique, Breathing Coordination, and Somatic Experiencing®. By learning to recognize and then suspend habitual patterns, you open the door to deeper artistic choices. Developed by Betsy Polatin, movement specialist and master lecturer.
A Spectrum Approach to Mood Disorders: Not Fully Bipolar But Not Unipolar-Practical Management
by James Phelps, MD

Some of your anxious depressed clients actually have a bipolar variation — but you can still treat them.  Here is a new perspective on bipolar diagnosis and treatment, one advocated by the NIMH and the chairman of the DSM-V.  Beyond the “overdiagnosis/underdiagnosis” debate lies an opportunity to help more people with mood and anxiety disorders.  Because there is no line between unipolar and bipolar: the largest number of people with “bipolar” problems are actually in the middle.  Some are likely in your practice.  “Lucidly written and comprehensively researched, providing clear direction and evidence for effective treatment options”, per one LCSW.

Healing the Wounds of Childhood: A Psychologist's Journey and Discoveries from Wretched Beginnings to a Thriving Life
by Don St. John, PhD

An inspiring story of the author’s victory over a traumatic childhood, and a description of the somatic and psychological approaches that helped him achieve a remarkable transformation. This is a great read for any therapist who wants to understand the human body and its influence on emotional and relational well-being. The author presents a model of how body (tissues, structure, movement, brain and the autonomic nervous system), mind (our core beliefs and assumptive world), stress, love and relationships inter-relate and influence our well-being.

Partners in Play: An Adlerian Approach to Play Therapy, Third Edition
By Terry Kottman and Kristin Meany-Walen
Partners in Play: An Adlerian Approach to Play Therapy, Third Edition is perfect for clinicians, school counselors, and students who are interested in using Adlerian strategies with children to foster positive growth and effective communication with parents and teachers. After an introduction to the basics of the approach and the concepts of Individual Psychology, the stages of Adlerian play therapy are outlined through step-by-step instructions, detailed treatment plans, an ongoing case study, and numerous vignettes. New features include: the latest trends in Adlerian play therapy; specific strategies and techniques; a variety of practical examples; and more!
Sex Addiction 101: A Basic Guide to Healing from Sex, Porn, and Love Addiction
by Robert Weiss, LCSW, CSAT-S

With Sex Addiction 101, renowned therapist/author Rob Weiss pulls the covers off of sex, porn, and love addiction, explaining what these issues are, how they can be diagnosed, and how they can be overcome. This book and the accompanying workbook, Sex Addiction 101: The Workbook, are based on the latest research and more than 25 years of clinical experience, yet they’re written in straightforward, no nonsense language anyone can understand. As such, they are useful to both therapists and recovering sex addicts. Available in paperback and eBook.

The Therapeutic 'Aha!': 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck
by Courtney Armstrong
It’s a perennial challenge for therapists to be effective with clients (particularly when therapy gets stuck or stalled) and to avoid burnout and boredom. Drawing on basic neuroscience concepts and showing how they can be put into practice, this book delivers 10 practical, creative strategies that therapists can use with clients to positively engage their “emotional brain” and create new neural pathways that advance the healing process. Examples include enlivening the therapeutic alliance, eliciting exciting goals, clearing internal conflicts, invoking inspirational imagery, and using humor, music, and movement. In short, it’s a concise guide to shaking things up in therapy, for both therapist and client.
Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook
by John J. Liptak, EdD & Ester R.A. Leutenberg

Managing Intense Anxiety Workbook is full of strategies, worksheets, and activities, designed to guide your clients toward recovery. It’s just one of Whole Person Associates’ many resources filled with reproducible assessment tools and worksheets for use with your clients to get them actively involved in the healing process. Our books cover a wide variety of mental health topics including Trauma, Anger & Aggression, Domestic Violence, Substance Abuse, Resiliency, Grief, Teen Mental Health & Life Skills, Stress Management, and more. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and practical tools, check out our website and visit us at the 2017 Psychotherapy Networker Symposium.

Bipolar, Not so Much
by Chris Aiken, MD and Jim Phelps, MD

Patients and families are frightened by the word “bipolar”.  When you detect bipolarity, you must help them understand that this does not mean “manic”, “crazy”, or doomed.  How about a book to walk patients through from depression to hypomania, helping them recognize subtle mood variations?  Then explain treatment options, therapies and pills, all in plain English?  “… An easily accessible understanding of the mood disorder spectrum and its treatment, including how to live well with the diagnosis by offering lifestyle tips and numerous online resources.  This will be my go-to book for patients and their families!” says one Psych’ NP.

Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain
by Linda Graham MFT

Resilience allows us to navigate the twists and turns of life with skill and flexibility. Bouncing Back offers proven tools and exercises – at the intersection of mindfulness practice, psychotherapy and modern neuroscience – to strengthen clients’ capacities to handle everyday disappointments and extraordinary disasters, saving relationships, jobs, even lives.

Inner Dialogue In Daily Life: Contemporary Approaches to Personal and Professional Development in Psychotherapy
by Charles Eigen

With a chapter by Joan Klagsbrun, Ph.D., Eugene Gendlin: River of Knowing; A Journey with Focusing. Connecting to our inner lives can foster healing and self-development. This unique book looks in depth at ten major contemporary psychotherapeutic approaches which all use inner dialogue as a way of developing both professionally and personally. The authors include personal stories of how they have used the approach in their own lives and work as therapists, giving a deeper insight into each method.

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