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Tough Customers

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Did one or more presenters really move you? Do you have questions about content? How will what you learned change the way you practice? Is there a particular technique you plan to try? Ask your colleagues about their experiences treating tough customers.

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7 Responses to Tough Customers

  1. jdrichardson says:

    Wendy is so informative. In the addiction field has a lot of these clients – forced into treatment by the legal system. They have always been my hardest clients to deal with. Would be interested in learning how to use group therapy in a way to help these clients. Also a way to teach other clients how to be more understanding . Thanks enjoying these sessions so much.

  2. jdrichardson says:

    Really enjoyed series on Borderline therapy. I see a lot of clients in the addictive field who struggle with these issues. I like how the client becomes more responsible for learning how to treat themselves. The approach is makes so much sense. Will look forward to more sessions. Thanks.

  3. jdrichardson says:

    Really enjoyed session on Attachment Dis. t is useful in all forms of therapy. Would like to hear more about parts integration. Thanks.

  4. Myrna Loy Ashby says:

    Thank you.

  5. strategic says:

    Richard brought a new dimension/skills to working with BPD. Thank you so much.

  6. strategic says:

    Janina Fisher’s presentation increased a deeper understanding of methods with which to encourage my trauma clients in their healing journey. Janina’s wisdom and skill in articulating empathic responses to child parts has significantly informed my work as a family therapist of thirty plus years and as a writer. Her insights and elegant skills triggered insights for me about the family I’m creating on the page. I now have new ways to layer depth in my protagonist, a woman who’s reclaiming not a few of her own parts. Thank you, Janina.

  7. strategic says:

    John Norcross’s presentation was a gust of fresh air. It’s exciting to know that he and others are building greater understanding that therapy is “at once both a treatment method and a healing relationship.

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