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How to Talk About Sex with Men in Therapy

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Making Something New Happen In the Consulting Room

Erving Polster on Creativity in Therapy

Gestalt Therapy pioneer Erving Polster is recognized as a master at bringing a quality of immediacy and connection into his work. Here’s a video clip that not only shows Erv in action, but also offers his reflections on how therapists can apply their “natural creativity” in a disciplined and conscious approach with clients.

The clip is part of an interview with Erv in our new webcast series—Creativity in the Consulting Room: New Tools for More Energizing and Effective Therapy . It allows us to see Erv’s seemingly extemporaneous clinical style in action. In his commentary, Erv walks us through the flow of the session, the underlying dynamics, important turning points, and the how’s and why’s of his choices along the way.

Don’t Miss This Wednesday’s Session—Making New Things Happen
It combines Dramatic Clinical Video of Erv Polster at Work
PLUS His Detailed Analysis of the Session.
Learn more here.

Don’t miss out on this practice-transforming series! Sign up now. Watch all sessions as often as you want for a full year. Here’s quick session-by-session look at all the presenters and what they’ll cover:

  • Stephen Gilligan on Evoking Creative States of Consciousness
    Master powerful methods for helping clients access the generative mind-body states that can enable them to realize their dreams.
  • Courtney Armstrong on Vitalizing Your Clinical Style
    Break free from one-size-fits-all approaches and discover how to bring more of your creative potential into your work.
  • Erving Polster on Making New Things Happen
    A celebrated therapist with more than 6 decades of clinical experience reflects on the lessons he’s learned about creativity in the consulting room.
  • Peggy Papp on Metaphor, Symbol, and Fantasy in Couples Therapy
    Learn how to use experiential techniques to transform therapeutic stalemates into transformational moments.
  • Steve Andreas on The Clinical Artistry of Virginia Satir
    Through the use of clinical videos, focus on understanding the powerful techniques that made Virginia Satir a legend in our field.
  • Jeffrey Zeig on Altering Consciousness Through the Arts
    Discover how to use methods drawn from the arts to helps clients shift rigid patterns of unhappy thoughts, emotions, and sensations.

Don’t Miss This Practice-Transforming Series:
Creativity in the Consulting Room
Get the full details here.

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