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Finding the Solution at the Heart of a Problem

Stephen Gilligan on transforming what’s negative into openings for fresh discovery.

Noted trance expert Steve Gilligan, the author of The Legacy of Milton H. Erickson, has developed a simple, powerful method for helping both clients and therapists access states of mind and body that open up previously unexplored possibilities.

In this quick video,  he demonstrates 4 simple phrases—relational mantras—to explore the possible solutions contained at the heart of a client’s problem.

You can start using these right away to go below everyday language and access the heart of what brings your client to therapy.

This clip is part of a 3 Webcast Bonus for our Moment by Moment in the Consulting Room series featuring Erving Polster, Peggy Papp, Richard Schwartz, Steve Andreas, and Jeffrey Zeig. For a short time only, we’re making this 6-session Webcast series with video bonuses available for only $97. It’s part of our Spring Webcast Special.

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