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Get Inspired By Virginia Satir In Action

Rich SimonBy Rich Simon A few decades ago, when young therapists like myself watched Salvador Minuchin, Virginia Satir, Carl Whitaker, or other leading lights, it was like watching magicians—you didn’t know whether they were going to pull rabbits, iguanas, or some other strange, unexpected creatures out of the therapy hat. We watched as the clients they worked with changed before our eyes—becoming more alive, more open with one another, and more inventive in resolving their own problems. Take a few minutes to see it all come together in this classic video of Virginia Satir at the resolution of a family session.

Satir’s work has a quality of aliveness that is the fruit of her creativity and authenticity, and it has an energy and emotional ease that we’d all like to have more of in our practices.

So what gets in our way?

These days it seems as if we’ve entered a Beige Era of Therapeutic Practice. Treatment is more and more shaped by predetermined DSM categories, insurance company constraints, and empirically validated standardized treatment protocols from which deviation isn’t welcomed, if even tolerated.

Another part of the problem is that we live in cautious times with heightened concerns about HIPAA guidelines and confidentiality, making it much harder to actually see therapists at work who inspire us to push the boundaries of the familiar and show how to engage clients with a spirit of daring and invention. We think it’s time for psychotherapy to reclaim some of this freedom, authenticity, and inspiration in their practices. That’s why we’re launching this all-new webcast series:

Creativity in the Consulting Room:
New Tools for More Energizing and Effective Therapy

Learn more now

It’s packed with innovative approaches drawn from the arts and new tools you can use right away to bring more humor, play, and emotional exploration into your practice. We’ll be giving you an in-depth look at consulting room creativity with videos of masters like Erv Polster, Peggy Papp, Virginia Satir, and Milton Erickson. We’ll also introduce you to younger innovators—like Stephen Gilligan, Courtney Armstrong, Jeffrey Zeig, and Steve Andreas. As presenters in this all-new series, they will draw upon their own experiences and cases to offer insight, examples, powerful tools, and concrete guidance to help you bring more spontaneity, curiosity, and excitement into your work.

Don’t miss this chance to learn how to incorporate humor, metaphor, fantasy, theater arts, poetry, and other aspects of creativity into your work to make it more enlivening and effective than ever.

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4 Responses to Get Inspired By Virginia Satir In Action

  1. Joyell Nezich says:

    I am happy and excited to see that you are offering a “refresher course”… Of the masters that will be made available to a new generation…. This amazing inovative group were my inspiration to become a therapist…
    And the foundation of their work continues to be the framework for my practice today!!

  2. Rich, Thanks for sharing this action clip. Those of us in clinical practice for 30-plus years love to see the “oldies, but goodies!” Virginia Satir’s work influenced many of us in family therapy.

  3. Tiffanie Goulazian says:

    I am a graduate student in my second semester pursuing a Master’s in counseling/therapy. To witness the impact of a pioneer such as Satir was very moving. This gave me much clarity and confirmed I am in the right field, helping others live happier, more emotionally satisfying lives.

  4. Pat Bragg says:

    It was very exciting to see this clip of Virginia Satir working. I am president of the Satir Professional Development Institute of Manitoba Canada and our mission is to share the teachings of Virginia wherever we are can. Trainers from our Institute including myself and Maria Gomori are working in Canada, China, Turkey and the Middle East to educate therapists in Satir’s highly creative and powerful processes. They work everywhere, just like Virginia said they did.

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