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Taking Off The Gloves

David Schnarch On How Confrontation Speeds Up Couples Therapy.

Couples therapist, David Schnarch, is not interested in having a couple feel secure in the consulting room.

In fact, David asserts that therapy is the one place where partners should be able to be uncomfortably honest, and take responsibility for their problematic behavior and actions. The couples therapist’s role is to challenge them to do just that.

David is more than willing to break away from therapeutic convention when he believes it’s necessary. His style embraces confrontation, uncomfortable honesty, and accountability in a way that challenges the very foundations of more attachment-based approaches.

Click on the video frame below to hear David explain how his up-front style, rather than scaring clients off, actually gives them hope and draws out the best in them.

Click on the video frame below to watch:

We’re featuring the entire session with David Schnarch as one of the Best Webcasts of 2013 in our upcoming State of the Art Virtual Conference. David Schnarch is part of the Couples & Family Specialty focus which also includes Susan Johnson, Esther Perel, Bill Doherty, Kathryn Rheem, Sherry Turkle, Ellyn Bader, Peter Pearson, Terry Real, Tammy Nelson, Barry McCarthy, and Robert Nay.

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