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Finding the Missing Link to Chronic Pain

Maggie Phillips On The Levels Of Unreleased Trauma

Pain is usually associated with a currently existing physical injury, which makes helping clients who suffer from chronic pain especially challenging. Oftentimes, the source of their pain isn’t physical, or it’s an injury that occurred so long ago that it should no longer be hurting them. So where’s the connection to the pain they’re feeling now?

Maggie Phillips—author of Reversing Chronic Pain—has identified the missing link as unreleased trauma. When the body holds onto a trauma from the past—physical or not—it causes localized pain problems. Maggie believes that there are four levels of unreleased trauma that apply to chronic pain.

Watch the clip below from Maggie’s session in our webcast series, Is Attachment the Problem?, to hear her describe these four levels and how attachment issues can play a big part in unreleased trauma.

This is just one aspect of attachment-based issues that is covered in this series.

Want To Learn More About Attachment Theory And How To Put It Into Practice?

Here’s a look at what’s covered in this 6-session series:

Diane Poole Heller on Presencing Secure Attachment
Discover how to tune into the nonverbal dimension of the therapy and establish a deeper therapeutic connection.

Bruce Ecker on When Is Attachment the Issue?
Develop your ability to determine when a client’s problem is rooted in early childhood experiences, or has some other source.

Susan Johnson on Attachment and Sexuality
Acquire new skills for addressing sensitive sexual issues in couples therapy.

Daniel Hughes on Getting Through to Shutdown Children and Families
Find out how to use yourself to create empathic dialogue between difficult kids and their stressed out parents.

Maggie Phillips on Attachment Issues in Chronic Pain
Explore the clinical applications of the latest discoveries about the links between unresolved trauma and physical pain.

David Feinstein on Healing Attachment Wounds with Energy Psychology
Learn simple but powerful techniques for neutralizing the charge of unresolved trauma.

Is Attachment the Problem?
Putting Attachment Theory Into Practice

Get course details here

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