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Using Yoga in Therapy with Amy Weintraub

Mind/Body: NP0039 – Session 2

Do you feel that yoga might be beneficial to your clients’ mental well-being? Join Amy Weintraub as she takes you beyond basic mindfulness practices to discover how to incorporate yoga into your practice and into your life.

After the session, please let us know what you think. If you ever have any technical questions or issues, please feel free to email

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6 Responses to Using Yoga in Therapy with Amy Weintraub

  1. Amy and Richard,
    Thank you for a wonderful presentation! Amy, I am a psychotherapist and a yoga teacher, and I remain in awe of your work integrating two powerful and rich disciplines. This has given me much to think about, and to explore with my clients and students. Quick question: Is that Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj’s “I am That” on your bookshelf behind you? My copy sits behind me in my office as well.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Kathleen. You, too, are a pioneer. Indeed that is Nisargadatta’s I AM THAT. And a picture of Ramana Maharshi sits on my desk.
      A warm namaste,

  2. vicswenson1 says:

    Fantastic presentation! This gives me some concrete ideas for expanding the breath work, to more deeply engage and access the body during therapy. I can’t wait to ready Amy’s book, which I am ordering immediately!

  3. Heather says:

    Very nice presentation and exercises.

  4. maryccollins says:

    very clear and simple presentation. But i’m sure very complex. Really like how you stressed how just breathing can increase anxiety. Many people don’t like Yoga and meditation because of that. also, empowering the client with suggestions is sooo important…not being the expert. Bravo!!

  5. Thank you, Mary. Our thinking is aligned.

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