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Brain-Savvy Parenting

Dan Siegel On How To Foster A Child’s Brain Integration

Most parents don’t look to neuroscience for guidance in raising their kids. But in his acclaimed new book, The Whole-Brain Child, Dan Siegel offers a range of brain-based ways of nurturing children’s development.

In a recent conversation with the Networker, Dan shared a range of practical skills arising from the latest neuroscience research that can be invaluable in raising happy, resilient kids.

In this brief video clip, Dan explains how to turn any outburst, argument, or fear into a chance to integrate a child’s brain and foster growth.

Take a few minutes to listen. You’ll find plenty that you can apply directly in your own work with families.

Dan Siegel is just one of the six innovators included in this popular video webcast series. It offers a insider’s look at the most relevant parenting insights that experts like Patricia Papernow, Ron Taffel, Martha Straus, Stan Davis, and Ben Furman have to offer that can expand your own clinical repertoire with some of the most challenging issues you’ll work with.

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3 Responses to Brain-Savvy Parenting

  1. Jenny50 says:

    I wonder how insurance companies,Medicare and Medicaid reimburse for this new position. I have worked with physicians in several psychiatric practices as well as a nursing home and it was always preferable that the patient see the physician because the reimbursement rate was so much higher.

  2. Cymbria Hess says:

    There is a sound feedback problem that made it hard to listen to.

  3. I love the way he talks about integrated communication and then talks AT the other bloke, never giving him a chance to respond… also why, ever, ever, tell anyone their own name. A pet hate…!

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