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You Don’t Have To Choose

Casey Truffo On Doing The Work You Love And Making It Pay

It’s not hard to stack up the reasons why it’s hard to make a living in private practice. What’s hard to find is sound, practical advice on how to ride the wave of change without abandoning the work you, as a therapist, love to do.

That’s why we invited Casey Truffo to be part of our new webcast series on making the most of new opportunities in the mental health marketplace.

Casey is a true creative visionary in this area—working at the intersection of the therapist’s calling and passion, and the concrete opportunities a rapidly changing market landscape provides.

In this quick video clip, Casey gives just one example of leveraging something you may already do in a way that can bring in a lot of money. She had scores more ideas like this and I can’t say how encouraged I felt after spending an hour with her.

Click on the frame below to watch and listen to Casey.

Casey Truffo, M.F.T., is the founder of the International Therapist Leadership Institute, and the author of Be a Wealthy Therapist and How to Build Your Full and Rewarding Private Practice. She joins Joe Bavonese, Lynn Grodzki, Nicholas Cummings, Jeff Auerbach, and DeeAnna Nagel to help you master and make the most of the new realities of the mental health marketplace.

Expand Your Practice
New Opportunities in Today’s Mental Health Marketplace
Get all the details here.

Invest In The Future Of Your Practice Now!
This All New Webcast Series Begins Tuesday, June 4

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