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When A Client Is Afraid To Take The Antidepressants That Might Help

John Preston On Client Non-Compliance.

Sometimes the very clients who can benefit from antidepressants are afraid to take them. Some clients wonder if they’re addictive. Others are concerned by news stories about extreme reactions. Still others find the clinical information about side effects raises its own set of alarming “what if?” questions.

According to John Preston, recognized expert on antidepressants and their effectiveness, the real issue is that clients need time to process fears like those. Most primary care physicians do a very good job of explaining the possible side effects of antidepressant medications, but they don’t have the luxury of time to tease out the deeper fears a client might have.

We do have that time, but we need to be able to distinguish whether we’re looking at non-compliance or a medication that’s not working. John starts his practical and informative conversation with the topic of non-compliance. In his experience, it’s the #1 reason a prescribed antidepressant doesn’t help.

Just click on the frame below to watch and listen:

I hope you can join me this Wednesday at 1 pm Eastern for my conversation with John Preston on The Great SSRI Debate. John is a board certified neuropsychologist and ABPP in counseling psychology. He is the author of over 20 books, including Clinical Psychopharmacology Made Ridiculously Simple. He joins Caroline Williams, Ron Taffel, Robert Hedaya, and Steven Dubovsky for our all new webcast series designed to demystify the do’s and don’ts of balancing medications and psychotherapy.

Meds: Myths And Realities
Everything You Need to Know About Psychopharmacology

Join Us This Wednesday at 1 pm.
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  1. Mike Brewer/USMC/Ret says:

    What are the long term effects of the use of Wellbutrin,and Prazosin? 100mg time released for Ibuproprion and 2mg of Prazosin.

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