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Motivating the Resistant Male Client

Terry Real On Why Leverage Is Key With Men

You’ve probably worked with men who’ve been dragged, kicking and screaming, into therapy by their partners. But how do you work with a client who doesn’t want to be there in the first place—especially if his sense of grandiosity is in the ascendant?

Terry Real—founder of the Relational Life Institute—explains that the key to working with these clients is leverage. In this clip, he uses an example from his own high-stakes couples work to explain how you can gain and use leverage with your reluctant male clients.

This video is from our Webcast series A New Blueprint for Engaging Men in Therapy: Six Key Skills You Need to Master Now. The series features Pat Love, Terry Real, David Wexler, Esther Perel, Patrick Dougherty, and Holly Sweet—clinical innovators who will help you master new approaches to engage men in therapy and improve positive outcomes in your work with men and couples. Learn more about this limited time re-release Webcast series.



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