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2 Responses to Point of View

  1. bendavid58 says:

    I was amazed at the use of words to describe the left and right. “the left tends to focus on equality with an emphasis on equality of outcome. in contrast The right cares exclusively” “They consider that an abomination” he goes on to use the word compassion and equality. I would submit that the use of the words compassion puts the left on the morally superior ground without having to look at the outcomes of that compassion. The use of these words is all we need to do to end all conversation and be on morally superior ground. I would like to see a survey of your readers to see how they would handle a client who had come to their practice with a debilitating fear of young blacks in most neighborhoods and how would the fact that it was juan Williams who was canned for that fear affect the therapist? I personally have empathy and compassion for the children of these people that we claim compassion for. these children have to come up with a self talk that will give them some feeling of self.
    The hispanics that I interact with are upset that their children are falling into the the trap of intitlements and they see a large decrease in work ethic and a lack of concern about a fall back position. I would submit that the use of the words equality,compassion and fairness without action allow people to create self talk that justifies their position and may be directly responsible for the Things that alot of parents see as troubling.

  2. anne harris says:

    I also do not like the ascribing of moral qualities to people with different political tendencies. I wish this research had been broader and included research on how monied interests and such can influence people’s views. Some people vote against their own economic self interest because of this due to strong feelings about abortion and other issues. Some political interests seem to bring up these issues more at the time of elections.
    Also, I see incresasingly that the facrs of global warning are ahnging people’s minds, regardless of their political slant. Not to sound self righteous but I think many people see themselves as part of humankind and not of a tribe.
    We need strong liberal and conservative parties in the country and dividing people by moral qualities seems to be the result of research that doesn’t scratch too far beneath the surface of life in America today.

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