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How to Stop Bullying with Stan Davis

Parenting Skills: NP0027 – Session 5

Bullying has fallen more and more into the media spotlight lately. Is it that kids are becoming more aggressive? Or are we just paying more attention to this phenomenon? Is it the new forums available for these kinds of behavior—21st-century technologies that can make it easier to kids to bully? How can therapists, parents, and schools help the child who’s being bullied? Learn with Stan Davis, the co-leader of the Youth Voice Research Project, about how to focus on resilience in the child who’s being bullied and to help strengthen their support communities, in addition to working to stop the bullying behaviors.

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4 Responses to How to Stop Bullying with Stan Davis

  1. lyn.benson1 says:

    Hi Stan – just watched your webinar and really found it extremely useful in conceptualizing how to help kids work through being issues around neomg targetted in schools. I am a Psychologist and Family Therapist from Melbourne Australia and have developed a workshop “The Joy of Mindful Parenting” which I run locally and parents continually want help and answers to help their kids with these kinds of behaviours. I particularly found useful your idea of creating communities of care within the peer groups to support mistreated kids during school break times and help build their resilience. Thank you again Kind regards Lyn Benson Melbourne

  2. mgibson says:

    Thank you very much. This is an important issue that is more and more troublesome to both parents and young people. As a therapist working with both, I am grateful for this information. Will look at websites and materials suggested.
    Merrilee Nolan Gibson, Psy.D., LMFT

  3. Mary says:

    This was a refreshing way to look at the subject of bullying. It is so true that the media is marketing our youth to accept meaness as the way to be. Thank you for giving us tools to help them see a different way.

  4. John Bisping says:

    Thank-you to both Rich and Stan for an outstanding exchange on a vital subject. I loved the dual emphasis of how both to strengthen individual resilience and foster a safer collective environment in the school setting. I must admit to being amazed at Stan’s virtuoso performance – rarely have I been exposed to such depth and breadth of fingertip knowledge on any subject, with relevant research being cited at every turn. The sheer density of Stan’s experience and erudition means I am going to his next weekend seminar, come hell or high water! (In planning phase of a documentary on the subject, with next week being the first iteration of a “Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week”, here in Canada.)

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