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What Every Therapist Should Explore With a New Client

Irv Yalom’s Writer’s Trick for Therapists

Irv Yalom is not only a legendary pioneer of group therapy and existential psychotherapy; he is also a best-selling novelist. In his therapeutic work, he relies on a classic writer’s exploration technique to gain deep insight into his client’s lives.

It’s a deceptively simple way of getting concrete details about daily habits that non-intrusively opens up a new client’s narrative.

How does he begin? Click on the frame below to learn about it from Yalom himself.

Click here to download the video transcript.

Irvin Yalom is just one of the six visionaries and innovators who will be sharing how they rely on the practical, transformative power of wisdom in the consulting room as part of our all-new video webcast series, Today’s Wisdom: How It Can Transform Your Practice.

The series offers you an in-depth look at our new understanding of Wisdom—
that the practices informing wisdom can be taught, and that it’s possible to integrate the fruits of wisdom into your practice in tangible and practical ways right now.

In addition to Irv Yalom’s insights, the series features the practical guidance and wise counsel of Eugene Gendlin, Ron Siegel, Tara Brach, Mary Pipher, and Daniel Kahneman. I hope you will consider joining us as well. To learn more about this all-new webcast series, click here.

Want to learn more? Here’s a free article that’s popular with your peers: “The Top Ten: The Most Influential Therapists of the Past Quarter-Century.”

Need CEs? Audio Courses available include Embracing Life in the Face of Death, with Irv Yalom.

About Irvin Yalom: Irv is Professor Emeritus of Psychiatry at Stanford University and the author of several highly acclaimed textbooks, including Existential Psychotherapy and The Theory and Practice of Group Psychotherapy. He is also the author of stories and novels related to psychotherapy, including Love’s Executioner, When Nietzsche Wept, Lying on the Couch, Momma and the Meaning of Life, and The Schopenhauer Cure.

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3 Responses to What Every Therapist Should Explore With a New Client

  1. carol meers says:

    how simply beautiful!

  2. andrea mm says:

    Great advice, makes so much sense!!!

  3. rcurrie says:

    A true legend. He’s taught us all to help make the world a better place.

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