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Embracing Despair as Crucible for Growth

Mary Pipher on the Alchemy of Healing.

When big, intractable problems overwhelm, despair is an understandable human response.

According to the legendary Mary Pipher, despair can mark the beginning of life-changing transformation.

At last year’s Symposium, Mary used her own personal experience to illustrate how to move through despair to a place of action, wonder and healing. It was a powerful and inspiring address and we’ve included a short clip of it here for you.

Good News: We’ve invited Mary to join us as part our upcoming series on
Wisdom and she has accepted! To inspire you until the series begins,
we’re sharing this quick clip from her Symposium 2012 address:

Want More Wisdom?

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Mary Pipher is just one of the six innovators included in our all-new video webcast series, Today’s Widsom: How It Can Transform Your Practice. You’ll also hear from Eugene Gendlin, Ron Siegel, Tara Brach, Irvin Yalom, and Daniel Kahneman and you’ll learn how wisdom holds practical solutions to some of the most challenging issues in the field—and the world— today. To learn more about this webcast, click here.

Want More from Mary? Here’s a free article that’s popular with your peers: “My Most Spectacular Failure” by Mary Pipher.

Mary is the author of the bestseller Reviving Ophelia, and most recently, Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the World’s Worst Buddhist, about her fight against midlife depression. Her forthcoming book, The Green Boat: Trauma and Transcendence in Our Tumultuous Times, explores what we can and must do about the crisis caused by Global Warming and the degradation of the environment.

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