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Mindfulness And The Art Of Relationship

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From its beginnings, therapy has consisted primarily of talk, evolving from slow and ruminative to faster-paced and therapist-directed. Discover the new movement away from talk, towards silence in the consulting room.

One of the fastest growing trends in therapy is meditation and mindfulness—which bring a kind of inner and outer silence, encouraging a resonant quiet within and outside of sessions. In Reading Course R140 you learn about the science, theory, and practice of meditation in therapy and its particular power in strengthening the client-therapist relationship. Jerome Front explores the neuroscience of meditation and how it can close the old gap between body and mind, self and others—a process that’s the foundation of psychotherapy. Molly Layton shows us how mindfulness can reveal the unspoken complexities of a couple’s relationship. David Treadway describes the paradoxical “lessons” of meditation for a therapist at a crisis point in his own life. Zindel Segal discusses the surprising power of mindfulness as a clinical adjunct in the treatment of depression.

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Course Readings

A Quiet Revolution: Therapists Are Learning A New Way to Be with Their Clients by Jerome Front

The Soul of Relationship: Where Self and Other Meet by Molly Layton

Any Day Above Ground: After Recovery, What Then? by David Treadway

Finding Daylight: Mindful Recovery From Depression by Zindel Segal

2 CE Hours • $29

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.