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Therapeutic Perspectives On Aging

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Aging triggers identity issues as powerful as those of adolescence, at a time when we're also coping with critical life-cycle changes. Examine principle aging issues for both our clients and ourselves with experts in the field.

Reading Course R129 will provide you with the skills you need to deal with aging in the consulting room.

Here's What Reading Course R129, Therapeutic Perspectives on Aging, Covers:

  • The implications of moving past "middle-age" and become old.
  • The difference between aging therapists who get better and those who don't.
  • A step-by-step guide to interventions to help clients who are caregivers.
  • What it means for grown-up children to confront old wounds with their parents.
  • Research evidence that counters myths about aging.
  • Social issues involved in "the age mystique."

3 CE Hours • $39

R129 Therapeutic Perspectives on Aging Course Readings

When You’re 64: You May Be Ready to Retire, But What about Mom and Dad? by Terry Hargrave

Across the Great Divide: Middle Age in the Rear-View Mirror by Michael Ventura

In Praise of the Older Therapist: Probing the Heart of Clinical Wisdom by Walter Lowe

Betty Friedan Takes on the Age Mystique by Richard Simon

Aging: Fact and Fiction by Jay Lebow

War Stories: Helping Old Soldiers Find the Will to Live by Barry Jacobs

Healing the Family’s Oldest Rifts by Marian Sandmaier

3 CE Hours • $39

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.