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Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About

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The ethical guidelines for therapists were once governed by simple, unambiguous rules, but in today's informal therapeutic climate, these old rules aren't so straightforward anymore. Learn how to navigate these murky ethical waters.

Reading Course 115 explores the "Big Four" of ethical trouble spots: self-disclosure, sexuality, gifts and dual relationships.

Here's What Reading Course R115, Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About, Covers:

  • 3 changes in how therapy is done that affects ethical guidelines.
  • How to deal with contextual issues that create boundary confusion.
  • You'll heighten your awareness of the importance of establishing clear boundary guidelines at the beginning of treatment and reestablishing them when boundary violations seem imminent.
  • 3 ways that self-revealing by the therapist can benefit clients.

3 CE Hours • $39

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R115 Shhh! The Ethical Dilemmas No One Talks About Course Readings

Can We Talk? Let's End Our Conspiracy of Silence about Our Ambiguous Boundaries by Mary Jo Barrett & Katy Butler

To Tell the Truth: Letting Go of Our Inscrutable Façade
by Jay Efran

Nightmare in Aisle 6: A Therapist Is Caught in the Act of Being Herself
by Linda Stone Fish

The Slippery Slope: Violating the Ultimate Therapeutic Taboo
by Susan Rowan

The Crush: Challenging Our Culture of Avoidance
by Mary Jo Barrett

Triple Boundary Crossing: From Client to Friend to Client
by Arnold A. Lazarus

Everybody's Business: There Are Precious Few Therapeutic Secrets in a Small Town
by Jan Michael Sherman

The Necklace: When Does a Rule Become a Straitjacket?
by Jenny Newsome

Love, Dr. Lagerfeld: Sometimes It's Okay to Trust Your Instincts
by Michael F. Hoyt

The Ethical Eye by Ofer Zur

Dangers and Possibilities: Uses and Misuses of Therapist Self-Disclosure by Janina Fisher

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.