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Rediscovering Pleasure: Eroticism And Couplehood

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couples therapy

Our consulting rooms welcome straight talk about sexuality, where, presumably, psychological enlightenment will always prevail over repression. This course delves into a unique approach to sexual relationships in therapy.

In all the earnest outpourings of everyday clinicians and sex-therapy experts, are we forgetting the ordinary fun, adventure, and sheer childlike wonder at the heart of sex? Reading Course R109, comprised of three articles, explores this fascinating meeting of imagination and the body, and leaves students with a broader vision of the erotic.

Here's What Reading Course R109, Rediscovering Pleasure, Covers:

  • The impact of our culture's goal orientation on sexuality.
  • How to develop interventions for couples to bring playfulness to their sexual relationship and to give one another pleasure without orgasm.
  • How the sexual relationship relates to the couple's communication.

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R109 Rediscovering Pleasure Course Readings

Erotic Intelligence: Reconciling Sensuality and Domesticity by Esther Perel

Satori in the Bedroom: Tantra and the Dilemma of Western Sexuality by Katy Butler

Inside the Sexual Crucible: The Thrill of Connection Opens Us to the Terror of Loss and Pain by David Schnarch

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.