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The Crisis Of Infidelity

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couples therapy

Even today many therapists tip-toe around the subject of infidelity. A step-by-step guide for addressing this delicate subject is detailed in this course.

When couples come in after an infidelity has occurred-or while one is going on-the stakes are high and the traditional therapeutic stance of neutrality may not be an option. Reading Course R108, comprised of 4 articles, examines different aspects of infidelity.

Here's What Reading Course R108, The Crisis of Infidelity, Covers:

  • How to help couples turn infidelity into an opportunity for greater intimacy.
  • Some myths about extramarital affairs and the classic patterns of infidelity.
  • Framework for recognizing your own value position.
  • The issues couples must face if they are to use the infidelity to develop a richer relationship.
  • How to develop interventions to contain the anxiety caused by an afffair.

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R108 The Crisis of Infidelity Course Readings

Turning Down the Temperature: Handling One of Marriage's Most Explosive Crises by Leo Fay

What Price Camelot? by Frank Pittman

Five Patterns of Infidelity by Emily Brown

Marriage at the Turning Point by Don-David Lusterman

An Affair to Remember: How Much Knowledge Is Too Much Knowledge? by Shirley Glass

3 CE Hours • $39

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.