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Treating Depression: It Takes More Than A Pill

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depressionWhen it comes to depression, new theories, therapies, and medicines appear so rapidly that it's impossible for even the most diligent therapist to keep track of it all. This course will provide you with the skills you need to treat depression.

This Reading Course is based on the premise that depression is much more than a chemical imbalance - it's a lifestyle that systematically involves all dimensions of a person's experience, including physiology, cognitive style, relationship patterns, and emotional and behavioral habits. Michael Yapko challenges the idea that medications are a miracle cure for depression. Margaret Wehrenberg shows how mobilizing a depressed client to take the fist step can be the key to treatment. Peggy Papp explores the relationship patterns that underlie depression. Bruce Ecker and Laurel Hulley demonstrate a brief therapy approach with depressed clients.

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R116: Treating Depression: It Takes More than a Pill Course Readings

Turning “I Can’t” into "I Will": How to Motivate Depressed Clients by Margaret Wehrenberg

Deep from the Start: Profound Change in Brief Therapy Is a Real Possibility by Bruce Ecker/ Laurel Hulley

Stronger Medicine: A New Generation of Antidepressants Hasn't Made Therapy Obsolete by Michael Yapko

Listening to the System: To Successfully Treat Depression, We Must Understand It in Context by Peggy Papp

2 CE Hours • $29

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The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.