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media-audiocourse-tn With Ofer Zur • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

ethics-a602-21st-got-ethicsLearn a common-sense approach to ethical practice that protects you and your practice without undermining your therapeutic connection. Note: Fulfills many state board requirements for training in ethics and risk management.

Ofer ZurWednesday, November 16

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Ofer Zur • Explore how digital technology has changed the ethical challenges practitioners face today with psychologist Ofer Zur, a cutting-edge thinker won the impact the digital revolution is having on psychotherapy.


Ethics in the Digital Age

Where do we set the boundaries?

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The ethical guidelines for therapists were once governed by simple, unambiguous rules, but in today's informal therapeutic climate, these old rules aren't so straightforward anymore. Learn how to navigate these murky ethical waters.