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David Schnarch

David SchnarchIn order to be effective couples therapists, we have to be realistic about our clients’ capacity to manipulate, lie to, and harm each other. In this Webcast Session on couples, David Schnarch shares a clinical method that challenges clients by focusing on their sense of adult responsibility rather than childish entitlement.

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media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Hours

couples therapy

Our consulting rooms welcome straight talk about sexuality, where, presumably, psychological enlightenment will always prevail over repression. This course delves into a unique approach to sexual relationships in therapy.

PNND11-2Let’s Stop Wasting Time

By David Schnarch

Conventional therapeutic wisdom aside, people typically don’t hurt each other because they’re out of touch, unable to communicate, or can’t help themselves...

media-onlinecourse-tn 3 CE Hours

couples therapy

Every therapist who works with couples inevitably works with sexual issues, but how do they choose from the multitudes of treatments for sexual dysfunction? This course is a clear and practical guide to the most successful techniques.