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MQ Mar/Apr 2010



The Growing Debate Over the Legacy of Trauma

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The Long Shadow of Trauma

Childhood Abuse May Be Our Number One Public Health Issue 

Mary Sykes Wylie  • As the battles and controversies over the forthcoming DSM-V heat up, a determined group of trauma experts and researchers are mounting a passionate challenge to our thinking about trauma, its long-term impact, and its treatment.

Therapy in the Danger Zone

Breaking the Cycle of Family Trauma

Mary Jo Barrett • There's no more emotionally demanding work than that with an incestuous family. A therapist offers an uncensored look at the fear, loathing, fascination—and satisfactions—of the struggle to help a family emerge from the transgenerational legacy of abuse.

The Trauma Myth

Understanding the True Dynamics of Sexual Abuse

Susan Clancy • Twenty-five years ago, it was considered a great advance when therapists first began to approach childhood abuse as a form of trauma. Now new research suggests that the trauma model of abuse may sometimes do more harm than good.