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MQ Jan/Feb 2010


Psychotherapy and the Brain

Are We Entering a New Era of Practice

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The Rise and Fall of Pax Medica

Welcome to the New Era of Brain-Based Therapy

John Arden and Lloyd Linford • In the 1970s, the rise of Prozac, the DSM-III, and "evidence-based" therapies brought the appearance of coherence and order to the mental health professions under the hegemony of medicine. Now multiple discoveries in neuroscience and other fields are challenging this "pax medica" and ushering in a new era in the practice of psychotherapy.

The Big Squeeze

No Research? No Reimbursement

Jay Lebow • A tipping point has been reached in the impact that psychotherapy research results, once a matter of interest only among a small circle of academics, are going to have on what actually goes on day-to-day in therapists' offices.

Brain to Brain

The Talking Cure Goes Beyond Words

Janina Fisher • As we learn more about the brain, it becomes apparent that therapists need to pay at least as much attention to the body and nervous system—both their clients' and their own—as to the words, emotions, and the meaning-making processes of the ind.

The Brain's Rules for Change

Translating Cutting-Edge Neuroscience into Practice

Bruce Ecker • For the first time, we're beginning to understand how to directly delete emotional meanings attributed to disturbing past events.