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MQ May/Jun 2009


We Change Our Stripes?

The Role of Temperament in Psychotherapy

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Who Do You Think You Are?

The Enduring Mystery of Temperament

Marian Sandmaier • Clinicians have long considered theories that emphasize inborn predispositions as antiquated and even reactionary. But the work of researchers like Jerome Kagan and startling developments in fields like behavioral molecular genetics are making therapists think again.

Why Him? Why Her?

A Massive Internet Survey Proposes the Answer to an Age-Old Question

Helen Fisher • An ambitious empirical study of how biological temperament steers people toward a particular personality type as a romantic partner offers the prospect of unraveling one of the oldest human mysteries.

You Say Tomato . . .

Or How I Learned to See Every Couple as the Odd Couple

Molly Layton • Too often couples make contrasts in temperament into negative stories about how their partner won't change. Could it just be that every couple is The Odd Couple?

The Three Marriages

Finding the Connections Between Work, Family, and Self

David Whyte • Many of us struggle to achieve some balance between our work and the rest of our lives. But in today's world, living a more fulfilled life may actually require us to reimagine how we can fully inhabit and commit to three aspects of our lives: love, work, and self-understanding.

The Best of Times

A Record Crowd Gathers at Symposium 2009

Richard Handler • Despite the severe economic downturn, nearly 3,600 therapists came to 2009 Networker Symposium, seeking the comfort of human connection, relief from daily anxieties, practical tips for staying afloat, and more.