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MQ Nov/Dec 2008

mag_quiz_nd08Now What?

Putting Therapy Skills to Work in Our Post-Election World


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Beyond the Consulting Room

Therapists as Catalysts of Social Change

William Doherty • Too much is at stake these days for us to take refuge in our practices after the election. In such challenging times, therapists need to create for themselves a new professional role as agents of social change, not just critics of what isn't changing.

Journey to Rwanda

A Therapist Confronts the Unthinkable

Laurie Leitch • Fourteen years ago, Rwanda was the hellish scene of one of the most ferocious genocides in history. A therapist who traveled there reports on what it's like to confront the unthinkable.

From Intention to Action

Following Through on a $50 Impulse

Jeffrey Kottler • Each year, thousands of poor Nepalese girls "disappear" from their villages. On an impulse, an American therapist winds up devoting himself to ending these disappearances.

The Bridge

Facing Disaster in Your Own Backyard

Patrick Dougherty • When disaster strikes close to home, the emotional shock waves make business as usual impossible for both therapists and clients.

Breaking Through

Poet David Whyte Invites Us to the Edge of Discovery

Mary Sykes Wylie • Poet David Whyte offers an idiosyncratic fusion of verse, myth, story, and personal charisma, demonstrating to audiences all over the world that psychology doesn't go far enough in making us face the "dangerous truths" of life.


Embracing the Terror of Possibility 

John O'Donohue • Understanding both the terror and innocence of beginnings is the key to discovering how to journey forth into the unknown.