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MQ Sep/Oct 2011


The Mindfulness Movement

Do We Even Need Psychotherapy Anymore?

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West Meets East

Creating a new wisdom tradition

By Ronald Siegel • As mindfulness practices work their way into the psychotherapeutic mainstream, we’re starting to ask more clinically sophisticated questions: Who needs what practice when? What about the downsides of some mindfulness interventions?



Awakening the hypnotist within

By Michael Yapko • As a clinical intervention, mindfulness is best understood by stripping away its aura of mystical spirituality and understanding the crucial role suggestion plays in the change process.


Going Beyond Acceptance to Healing

By Richard Schwartz • A psychotherapist discusses how to help clients transform the disruptive feelings and thoughts that they’ve learned to simply observe during meditation.


Getting stuck in the present moment

By Flint Sparks • A Zen teacher describes the benefits and limitations of traditional meditation practice.


Moving from conflict to attunement

By Bruce Crapuchettes and Francine Crapuchettes Beauvoir • While meditation is usually considered a solitary activity, two therapists discover that the couples intervention they’ve been using for more than 20 years is actually a form of reciprocal relational practice.