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MQ Mar/Apr 2011


The Great Attachment Debate

How Important Is Early Experience?

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Featured Articles

The Attuned Therapist
By Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner
In recent years, attachment theory, with its emphasis on early bonding, connection and relationship, has exerted as much influence over the field of psychotherapy as any other perspective. Why then do some critics believe that it's sending therapists off on the wrong track?

Bringing Up Baby
By Jerome Kagan

While therapists may consider some intuitively appealing ideas about human development—like attachment theory—beyond dispute, the researcher's job is to challenge unproven explanations shaped more by our biases and preconceptions than by hard evidence.

The Verdict Is In
By Alan Sroufe and Daniel Siegel

Fifty years of research has confirmed that the emotional quality of our earliest attachment relationships is central to our well-being as adults.

The Nightgown
By Bruce Jay Friedman

A determined patient searches for therapeutic insight from an unlikely source.