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Thursday, 10 January 2013 11:48

MQ Nov/Dec 2009


The Porn Explosion

How Are Therapists Reacting

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Out of the Shadows

What's the Prevalence of Porn Doing to Our Psyches?

Wendy Maltz • A revolution in how people access and use pornography has taken the therapy community by surprise. Now some experts believe that an epidemic of porn use is society's newest and most challenging mental health problem.

Depathologizing Porn

Why Can't It Just Be an Acceptable Diversion?

Joe Kort • Open porn use introduces a relational question that most couples never face: how to live with the knowledge that your partner's erotic fantasy-world often doesn't include you.

The Heart of the Matter

Helping Couples Find Their Sexual Chemistry

Barry McCarthy • Whether they know it or not, what most people are looking for in sex therapy isn't so much a change in specific behaviors as a way of developing a more rewarding couple sexual style.

Journey to the In-Between

Adventures in the Realm of the Senses

Michael Ventura • While so much about sexuality is brazenly public these days, we haven't advanced very far in our ability to talk about what we find most terrifying about our own sexuality.

Reality Shows

Fred Wistow • Is there anyplace more filled with despair and dread than an emergency room in the middle of the night?