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MQ Jul/Aug 2008

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Against All Odds, Community Mental Health Fights to Hold On to Its Vision


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Rolling the Rock

Why Would Anyone Choose a Career in Mental Health Today?

David Dan • Beset by chronic budgetary constraints, invasive regulations, and insufficient respect from society at large, community mental health today seems a Sisyphean career choice. A therapist who's spent his career working in the public sector reflects on what's helped him maintain his passion.


Beyond the One-Way Mirror

A New Approach to Reviving Public Sector Psychotherapy 

Scott Sells with Cynthia Franklin • A determined family therapist tries to revive public sector psychotherapy using Thomas Edison as his role model.


Life, Death, Madness

Confronting the Raw Reality of the Emergency Department 

Gary Weinstein • An emergency room social worker's day revolves around handling the emotional crises of strangers facing terrible moments of their lives.

Getting It Right

In HBO's In Treatment, Art Imitates Therapy

Molly Layton • The 43-episode HBO series In Treatment held up a mirror to our profession, immersing viewers in the ebb and flow of the psychotherapy process, and revealing what devoting a life to this work does to its practitioners.


Dear Michael

Michael White Taught Us How to Retell Our Life Stories

Stephen Madigan • Michael White, who died suddenly in April 2008 at 59, devoted his life to helping people find the kernels of personal courage, self-respect, and emotional vitality that would help them create a different story about themselves.