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MQ Sep/Oct 2007

07_sep_oct_quizBeing There

Lessons in Long-Term Caring


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Refeathering the Nest

From Dutiful Daughter to Self-Aware Caregiver

Katy Butler • When families become stressed by a member's long-term care needs, it's easy to continue the usual relationship patterns and perpetuate long-standing resentments. But sometimes it's possible to learn new ways of being and interacting.

Caring for the Caregiver

Katy Butler • Those who care for ailing family members often are undertaking a marathon, not a sprint.


Reliable Witness

What it Takes to be with Your Clients to the End 

Barry J. Jacobs • Few of us instinctively know what to do and say when families are confronting the death of a loved one. But we can start by being with them in the struggle.

Winter Passage

Acknowledging Spirituality in Life's Final Journey 

David Seaburn • Drawing on spiritual resources can ease the pain and sorrow of death for client and therapist alike.

Hello, Darkness

Discovering our Values by Confronting Our Fears

Steven Hayes • Learning to accept our fears as guideposts to who we really want to be.