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From Therapist To Supervisor: A Four-Stage Model

From Therapist To Supervisor: A Four-Stage Model

media-audiocourse-tn With Robert Taibbi • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

prof-development-a803-supervisorEnhance your awareness of therapists' strengths, weaknesses, and instructional needs at different stages in their careers, and learn how to use this knowledge to become a better supervisor.

Being a supervisor requires strong clinical skills, along with an understanding of the needs of therapists at different stages in their development and the key trouble spots they’re likely to encounter. In this course, we’ll explore a four-stage model for appropriate supervision of therapists as they gain experience and maturity.

What's Covered in A803 From Therapist To Supervisor:

  • How to serve as teacher to the often overwhelmed beginner.
  • Techniques for facilitating the professional and personal growth of the more advanced practitioner.
  • How to encourage autonomy and accountability in the mature therapist.
  • Steps you can take to further the creativity of the expert clinician.
  • Why mistakes are valuable.
  • A guide to overcoming the ethical and professional challenges facing new supervisors.
  • The pros and cons of group supervision.

Note: This workshop fulfills many state board requirements for training in clinical supervision.

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A803 From Therapist To Supervisor: A Four-Stage Model

Session 1:

  • The challenge of supervision – goals, obstacles
  • Principles and assumptions of model
  • Core concepts: Anxiety coping styles and parallel process

Session 2:

  • Stage 1:  Supervisor as Teacher
  • Characteristics – Know what you don’t know, anxiety
  • Supervision goals and tasks – assessment, relationship building
  • Dangers – over-responsibility, burn-out, rigidity
  • Stage 2: Supervisor as Guide
  • Characteristics – Don’t know what you know
  • Supervision goals and tasks – self awareness, power in the process
  • Dangers – dependency

Session 3:

  • Stage 3: Supervisor as Gatekeeper
  • Characteristics – Don’t know what don’t know
  • Goals and tasks – setting boundaries, encourage individuality
  • Dangers – testing, abuse of power, loss
  • Stage 4: Supervisor as Consultant
  • Characteristics – Know what you know
  • Goals and tasks – brainstorming, maintaining creativity
  • Dangers – boredom, blurred relationship

Session 4:

  • Challenges of New Supervisors
  • Use of group supervision
  • Time management – Covey model
  • Recordkeeping guidelines
  • Guidelines for hiring & firing

Meet Presenter Robert Taibbi, MSW

Robert Taibbi Bob Taibbi, M.S.W. has 35 years experience as a therapist, supervisor and clinical director. He trains nationally in the areas of supervision, family and couples therapy. He is the author of Clinical Supervision: A Four Stage Process of Growth and Discovery, Doing Family Therapy: Craft & Creativity in Clinical Practice, Doing Couples Therapy: Craft & Creativity in Work with Intimate Partners, and over 140 magazine and journal articles.


Get All 6 Audio Sessions Now
Download: $79

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.