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The Anxious Brain

media-audiocourse-tn With Margaret Wehrenberg • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

anxiety-a406-anxious-brainDramatically increase your effectiveness in treating panic, social anxiety, and generalized anxiety by understanding the neurobiology of anxiety and how to link it with specific interventions.

Sharpen the focus of your treatment of clients with anxiety disorders by learning the underlying neurobiological causes of anxiety symptoms.


What's Covered in A406: The Anxious Brain:

  • How to select the treatment methods that will give your clients the fastest symptom relief.
  • Concrete guide to the underlying brain structures and functional problems that cause the different types of anxiety symptoms.
  • Specific strategies to change physiology and behavior for symptom relief.
  • How psychotherapy works to calm the anxious brain.

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A406 The Anxious Brain

Session 1:

  • The basics of the panicky brain
  • Structures and neurobiological factors

Session 2:

  • Techniques for managing physiological arousal in panic and acute anxiety
  • Helping a client who is anxious while in session

Session 3:

  • The basics of brain structure and function in creating generalized anxiety disorder

Session 4:

  • Techniques to manage cognitive problems of GAD, especially aspects of rumination

Session 5:

  • The neurobiological basis of social anxiety and anxiety sensitivity
  • How to prevent the sensitive child from developing social anxiety

Session 6:

  • The most effective approach for changing the avoidant behaviors of social anxiety
  • The lessons from panic and GAD that support behavioral change in social anxiety

Meet Presenter Margaret Wehrenberg, PsyD

Margaret Wehrenberg
Margaret Wehrenberg, Psy.D., has been in private practice as an addictions counselor and a psychologist for more than 20 years. She is the author of the forthcoming W.W. Norton book The Anxious Brain: The Neurobiological Basis of Anxiety Disorders and How to Effectively Treat Them.


Get All 6 Audio Sessions Now
Download: $79

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.