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Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

media-audiocourse-tn With Steven Hayes • 6 Sessions • 6 Optional CE Hours

mind-body-a318-acceptanceDiscover an alternative to traditional cognitive-behavioral therapy that invites clients to use mindfulness to accept and work with difficult thoughts and feelings, rather than trying to banish them.

A new generation of mindfulness and acceptance-based therapies is challenging some of the most basic assumptions of clinical practice. Instead of teaching clients to change difficult thoughts and feelings, these approaches create change through acceptance, mindfulness, cognitive diffusion, core values, and action.

What's Covered in A318 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy:

  • A step-by-step guide to Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), a therapy model that helps therapists and clients alike deal with difficult experiences rather than avoiding them.
  • Specific techniques to help clients cope with a wide variety of clinical problems, including depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, and even psychotic symptoms.
  • The benefits of this approach, especially that it can quickly alleviate therapist burn-out and improve the clinicians' ability to learn any new techniques.

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A318 Acceptance & Commitment Therapy

Session 1:

  • The overall ACT model
  • Research on ACT and its underlying theory of cognition
  • Differences between ACT and other traditions

Session 2:

  • Facing the current situation: Creative hopelessness
  • Control is the problem

Session 3:

  • Why it is easier to change the function than the form of cognition
  • Defusion techniques

Session 4:

  • A transcendence sense of self
  • Contacting the present moment

Session 5:

  • The nature and importance of values
  • How to do a values inventory

Session 6:

  • Willingness and committed action
  • Exposure from an ACT model
  • Wrap up

Meet Presenter Steven Hayes, Ph.D.

Steven Hayes
Steven C. Hayes, Ph.D., is Nevada Foundation Professor at the Department of Psychology at the University of Nevada and an author of 27 books and more than 360 scientific articles, including his most recent book, Get Out of Your Mind and Into your Life, which was among the top 10 self-help books in the nation.


Get All 6 Audio Sessions Now
Download: $59

The content of this course is at the introductory - intermediate level.