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The Latest Therapy Titles at Your Fingertips

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Relationship Repair for Couples

by Stephanie Weiland Knarr, PhD, LCMFT

RRFC Cover 300res 01 27 15 RGBRelationship Repair for Couples is a fantastic new resource to help couples build a 5-star romantic relationship by teaching them how to solve typical relationship complaints at a Relationship Repair Counter™. This book inspires people to hav a Customer Service Counter for your Significant Other™. It creatively utilizes a solution-focused metaphor to transfer positive skills people use every day in their business and consumer life right into their romantic relationship! When couples apply these simple principles, they are repairing a primary predictor for relationship failure because they turn defensiveness into a positive method for conflict resolution.


The Body Remembers: The Psychophysiology of Trauma and Trauma Treatment

by Babette Rothschild

BookLink-02-Rothschild-Body RemembersThis enduring classic in the fields of traumatic stress study and treatment, as well as somatic psychology, the bestselling The Body Remembers guides therapists to understand the psychophysiology of trauma and learn how to address it with clients. Rothschild has a unique ability to translate scientific theory to clinical practice and bridge the gap between talk therapy and body therapy, including both principles and non-touch techniques. Packed with engaging case studies, The Body Remembers appeals to both beginning and seasoned therapists. Receive 25% off and free shipping on all of Rothschild's books using promo code ROTHSCHILD.


The Therapeutic 'Aha!': 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck

by Courtney Armstrong

The Therapeutic 'Aha!': 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients UnstuckCourtney Armstrong’s The Therapeutic “Aha” explores the thrilling and rare moment when a client reaches an elusive realization, allowing them to make meaningful change. In 10 straightforward strategies, this practical book demonstrates how to shake things up in therapy when a client is stuck or stalled to jumpstart progress. Readers will learn how to positively spark the “emotional brain” by creating uplifting experiences in their sessions that engage and advance the healing process. Examples include new spins on techniques that use imagery, music, movement, storytelling, play, and humor with clear case examples and worksheets you can use in your sessions.


She Comes First

by Ian Kerner

Booklink-04-Kerner-She Comes FirstThe New York Times declared She Comes First “the Encyclopedia Britannica of the clitoris” and it has been the best-selling sex advice book of the last decade. A must-have for your patient library, She Comes First demystifies the female orgasm and offers a vibrant manifesto of sexual pleasure that both men and women alike find accessible, inspiring and empowering. As Rhett Butler said to Scarlett O'Hara in Gone with the Wind: "You should be kissed, and often, and by someone who knows how.” She Comes First is stamping out “ill-cliteracy” one orgasm at a time. Viva La Vulva!


Mandalynths: Celtic Focus Tools for Meditation, Mindfulness and Mental Exercise

by Ravensdaughter

Booklinks-05-MandalynthMandalynths are Celtic Art focus tools you trace with a stylus. Tracing isolates hand-to-eye coordination and "grounds" the brain. This often calms the body. Mandalynth tracing has shown results helping to manage the fight or flight response associated with stress, panic, and PTSD. It has also shown results helping to manage the agitated brain states associated with ADHD and autism. Because Mandalynths can be traced easily with either hand, they are also good neuroplasticity tools. The book features 20 Mandalynth designs. Open Designs are best for stress, panic and trauma. Medium Designs are best for attention disorders, autism and ruminating brains. Tight Designs are best for gifted minds and intense mental challenge.


Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates has been publishing therapist-friendly resources for over 30 years. Most of our books include reproducible worksheets and educational handouts for use with all of your clients to get them actively involved in the healing process. Our books cover a wide variety of mental health topics including Trauma, Anger & Aggression, Domestic Violence, Building Resiliency, Relationship Skills, Conflict Management, Grief, Teen Bullying, Teen Self-Esteem, Coping with Change, Coping with Anxiety, Essential Work Skills, Stress Management, Healthy Balance, and more. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and practical tools, check out our products on our web site.


Reflections On Psychotherapy and Paths For Wellbeing

by Veis Djalali, PhD

reflectionsThis book describes the process of psychotherapy through the struggles of those who are in pain and adrift and require intervention. Through rich and often poignant narratives the book reflects and illuminates on the foibles of human condition. Case studies, treatment plans and analysis are offered to coincide and pertain with issues concerning developmental stages of life. What constitutes effectiveness in the therapist and therapeutic work is examined. This book serves best as a tool for training students of psychotherapy.

Available on Amazon in print form, eBook and audible.


52 Weeks of Amazing Sex

by Ian Kerner and Steph Auteri

Booklinks-08-Kerner-52 WeeksOver 40 million Americans identify themselves as sex-starved and according to NY Times best-selling author, Ian Kerner PhD, couples should make an effort to connect intimately at least once a week. And just like the food-pyramid there are different categories of sex that they should be consuming from regularly in order to keep their love-making exciting, attached and sexually nutritious. 52 Weeks of Amazing Sex is part of a series of Good in Bed Guides from America’s leading sex experts and this eBook is ideal for creating inspiring homework assignments for your patients. Available from and


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