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The Latest Therapy Titles at Your Fingertips

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Reflections On Psychotherapy and Paths For Wellbeing

by Veis Djalali, PhD

reflectionsThis book describes the process of psychotherapy through the struggles of those who are in pain and adrift and require intervention. Through rich and often poignant narratives the book reflects and illuminates on the foibles of human condition. Case studies, treatment plans and analysis are offered to coincide and pertain with issues concerning developmental stages of life. What constitutes effectiveness in the therapist and therapeutic work is examined. This book serves best as a tool for training students of psychotherapy.

Available on Amazon in print form, eBook and audible.


Relationship Repair for Couples

by Stephanie Weiland Knarr, PhD, LCMFT

RRFC Cover 300res 01 27 15 RGBRelationship Repair for Couples is a fantastic new resource to help couples build a 5-star romantic relationship by teaching them how to solve typical relationship complaints at a Relationship Repair Counter™. This book inspires people to have a Customer Service Counter for your Significant Other™. It creatively utilizes a solution-focused metaphor to transfer positive skills people use every day in their business and consumer life right into their romantic relationship! When couples apply these simple principles, they are repairing a primary predictor for relationship failure because they turn defensiveness into a positive method for conflict resolution.


Co-Creating Change: Effective Dynamic Therapy Techniques

by Jon Frederickson


Co-Creating ChangeA thorough, accessible, and practical guide to doing effective therapy. The book synthesizes the key theories in this approach in a clear and straightforward manner. It is divided into three parts, and each part builds on the previous one with increasing complexity. Every chapter includes theory, practical interventions, and examples from real clinical sessions. The book covers a wide spectrum of clients with recent research on neuroscience interwoven throughout. Available at your favorite bookstore or Internet retailer.

Tools for Strengths-Based Assessment and Evalution

by Peter Lehmann PhD, LCSW and Catherine Simmons, PhD

20141214-BookLink-02Traditionally, assessment and evaluation have focused on the negative aspects or deficits of a client's presentation. Yet strengths, health, and those things that are going "right" in a person's life are key protective factors in the prevention and treatment of many mental health problems. Thus, measuring strengths is an important component of a balanced assessment and evaluation process. This is the first compendium of more than 150 valid and reliable strengths-based assessment tools that clinicians, researchers, educators, and program evaluators can use to assess a wide array of positive attributes, including well-being, optimism, resilience, humor, aspirations, emotional intelligence, and much more.

The Therapeutic 'Aha!': 10 Strategies for Getting Your Clients Unstuck

by Courtney Armstrong

20141214-BookLink-03It’s a perennial challenge for therapists to be effective with clients (particularly when therapy gets stuck or stalled) and to avoid burnout and boredom. Drawing on basic neuroscience concepts and showing how they can be put into practice, this book delivers 10 practical, creative strategies that therapists can use with clients to positively engage their “emotional brain” and create new neural pathways that advance the healing process. Examples include enlivening the therapeutic alliance, eliciting exciting goals, clearing internal conflicts, invoking inspirational imagery, and using humor, music, and movement. In short, it’s a concise guide to shaking things up in therapy, for both therapist and client.

An Upward Spiral

by Rick Johnson

An Upward SpiralParents of struggling teens often feel confused and helpless, and as a result may disengage from therapy hoping that you will fix their teen. An Upward Spiral can help reengage these parents. It helps clarify for parents that troublesome teen behavior is not mysterious, but often the result of their teen being unprepared to handle the immense physical, emotional, and social changes that come with adolescence. A better understanding of adolescent development empowers parents to respond to their teen in a manner that supports increased maturity. Filled with parenting suggestions, An Upward Spiral is also useful for parent support groups.


Overcoming Compassion Fatigue: A Practical Resilience Workbook

by Martha Teater, MA, LMFT, LPC, LCAS

Overcoming Compassion FatigueOvercoming Compassion Fatigue: A Practical Resilience Workbook offers a fresh and innovative approach to managing the unique stresses of this work. Full of practical tools, proven interventions, worksheets, and exercises, this CBT-oriented workbook has the power to transform both your work and your personal life.

Bouncing Back: Rewiring Your Brain

by Linda Graham, MFT
Bouncing BackResilience allows us to navigate the twists and turns of life with skill and flexibility. Bouncing Back offers proven tools and exercises – at the intersection of mindfulness practice, psychotherapy and modern neuroscience – to strengthen clients’ capacities to handle everyday disappointments and extraordinary disasters, saving relationships, jobs, even lives.

Building Your Ideal Private Practice, 2nd Edition

by Lynn Grodzki

Building Your Ideal Private PracticeThe bestselling “bible” for therapists in private practice is now fully revised after its original publication in 2000. Contains six new chapters, more depth and a wealth of fresh strategies. Lynn Grodzki shows therapists not just what to do, but also who to be in order to succeed. March 2015, pre-order now.

Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates

Whole Person Associates has been publishing therapist-friendly resources for over 30 years. Most of our books include reproducible worksheets and educational handouts for use with all of your clients to get them actively involved in the healing process. Our books cover a wide variety of mental health topics including Trauma, Anger & Aggression, Domestic Violence, Building Resiliency, Relationship Skills, Conflict Management, Grief, Teen Bullying, Teen Self-Esteem, Coping with Change, Coping with Anxiety, Essential Work Skills, Stress Management, Healthy Balance, and more. If you’re looking for fresh ideas and practical tools, check out our products on our web site.

Your Brain on AA (And the Mind That Awaits You)

yourbrainonaa2Are you working with clients whose lives are affected by addiction? Your Brain on AA, the ebook that is being read in the US and nine foreign countries, is now available in print. This book presents a new way of thinking about addiction and recovery combining neuroscience, attachment theory, and the 12-step program approach, showing how these three separate worlds converge. It explores how the 12 steps may affect the brain and how the brain (particularly sub-cortical processes) and attachment schema may determine how people do or don’t participate in their own recovery.