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Becoming a Part of the Child Client’s Story

Dan Hughes on the Effectiveness of Psychological Hand-Holding

Rich Simon

Daniel Hughes has many techniques to suggest when working with troubled children who have put up a wall.


How Attachment Issues Undermine True Intimacy

Sue Johnson On Identifying And Healing The Wounds Of Attachment

Rich Simon

Attachment theory has profoundly altered our understanding of how early childhood injuries negatively affect clients throughout their lives. But the theory offers little guidance on how to recognize and address attachment issues underlying other problems.


At the Heart of Intimacy

Psychotherapy Networker


Why Teens Hate Therapy

Mistakes Therapists Should Avoid

Janet Sasson Edgette

It’s probably fair to say that most teens loathe the very idea of therapy. Yet, with confused and troubled adolescents needing our help more than ever, the gap between our grad school training and what works in real-life practice continues to widen.


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