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Attachment Theory & Treatment: 4 Maxims for Therapeutic Change

Attachment-Oriented Therapists Live by Four Strategies for Working Through Attachment Theory and its Associated Disorders

Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner • 12/26/2013 • 8 Comments

Are there any downsides to basing clinical treatment on attachment theory? David Schnarch, a leading advocate of differentiation in the therapy process, believes that attachment theory keeps clients functioning as needy children.


The Adult Attachment Interview & How it Changed Attachment Research History

How the Adult Attachment Interview Became the 'Most Important Development in Attachment Research'

Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner • 3/3/2014 • 12 Comments

When attachment theory was blossoming, it didn’t provide an accompanying toolbox of tactics and techniques, though it did offer a new therapeutic attitude, justifying deep, soul-felt work, which offered a genuinely new beginning towards treatment for adult attachment disorder.


Adult Attachment Disorder: 3 Detours to the Right Hemisphere

For Clients with Adult Attachment Disorder, Use the Left Hemisphere to Guide You to the Right

Mary Sykes Wylie and Lynn Turner • 1/30/2014 • 5 Comments

"People with avoidant attachment histories are too closed down to have access to experience their right-hemisphere processes," says Daniel Siegel, who's probably done as much as anybody in the field to induce therapists to clasp both attachment theory and neuroscience to their collective bosom.


The Power of Secure Attachment

Psychotherapy Networker • 10/2/2012 • 4 Comments


At the Heart of Intimacy

Psychotherapy Networker • 10/5/2012 • 5 Comments


How Attachment Issues Undermine True Intimacy

Sue Johnson On Identifying And Healing The Wounds Of Attachment

Rich Simon • 8/1/2013 • No Comments

Attachment theory has profoundly altered our understanding of how early childhood injuries negatively affect clients throughout their lives. But the theory offers little guidance on how to recognize and address attachment issues underlying other problems.


Becoming a Part of the Child Client’s Story

Dan Hughes on the Effectiveness of Psychological Hand-Holding

Rich Simon • 8/8/2013 • 1 Comment

Daniel Hughes has many techniques to suggest when working with troubled children who have put up a wall.


Finding the Missing Link to Chronic Pain

Maggie Phillips On The Levels Of Unreleased Trauma

Rich Simon • 9/3/2013 • No Comments

Pain is usually associated with a currently existing physical injury, which makes helping clients who suffer from chronic pain especially challenging.


Taking Off The Gloves

David Schnarch On How Confrontation Speeds Up Couples Therapy

Rich Simon • 10/2/2013 • No Comments

Couples therapist, David Schnarch, is not interested in having a couple feel secure in the consulting room.


Using Corrective Experiences in Attachment-Based Therapy

Diane Poole Heller on Bringing the Concrete to the Abstract

Rich Simon • 2/12/2014 • 21 Comments

One of the more unique challenges of working with clients who have attachment-based issues is the lack on concrete goals in their treatment.


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