Finding the Missing Link to Chronic Pain

Maggie Phillips On The Levels Of Unreleased Trauma

Rich Simon

Pain is usually associated with a currently existing physical injury, which makes helping clients who suffer from chronic pain especially challenging. Oftentimes, the source of their pain isn’t physical, or it’s an injury that occurred so long ago that it should no longer be hurting them. So where’s the connection to the pain they’re feeling now?

Maggie Phillips—author of Reversing Chronic Pain—has identified the missing link as unreleased trauma. When the body holds onto a trauma from the past—physical or not—it causes localized pain problems. Maggie believes that there are four levels of unreleased trauma that apply to chronic pain.

Watch the clip below to hear her describe these four levels and how attachment issues can play a big part in unreleased trauma.

Maggie Phillips is the author of Reversing Chronic Pain and Finding the Energy to Heal. This clip is taken from her session in our attachment video course:

When Attachment is the Problem
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  • Create a safe environment for clients that enables you to establish a deeper therapeutic connection

  • Apply the principles of Attachment Theory with couples, children, and families as well as pain and trauma sufferers

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