Breathing To Balance The Stress Response System

Learn How To Use Breath Work To Alleviate Anxiety

Rich Simon

One of the most effective practices to employ when working with clients who suffer from mood-related issues is also one of the simplest: Just breathe.

Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg—authors of The Healing Power of the Breath—demonstrate several different therapeutic breathing techniques and explain how to incorporate them into your clinical work.

In this clip, Patricia talks about the importance of getting an anxious client to balance their stress response system, followed by a demonstration of an easy breathing exercise that can help them do just that. Watch the video below to see this technique in action and begin using it with your anxious clients (or yourself on those stressful days!).

Richard Brown and Patricia Gerbarg are the authors of Non-Drug Treatments for ADHD: New Options for Kids, Adults, and Clinicians and The Healing Power of the Breath. This clip is taken from their session in our mind-body video course:

Making the Mind-Body Connection in Talk Therapy
Get the practical, actionable information you need to use mind-body methods for maximum benefit in your clinical work. You'll learn:

  • How bridging the mind-body split is especially healing for challenging issues like depression, anxiety, and trauma

  • To customize treatment for individual clients based on their symptoms, history, attachment style, temperament, and lifestyle

  • Simple practices you can teach your clients to use between sessions to self-regulate anxiety, energy levels, and mood swings

  • New ways to think about the mind-body connection that include the key roles played by exercise, nutrition, sleep, and lifestyle choices

  • How to bring new vitality into your professional and personal life by incorporating some of these practices into your own self-care routine

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