Bringing Stressed Clients Into The Present Moment

Elisha Goldstein On The “Mindful Check-In”

Rich Simon

When working one-on-one with clients, the first step in every session is to get them into the present moment so that they can truly focus on the work you’re doing together. This is never more challenging than when working with a client suffering from anxiety, PTSD, depression, or any other stress-related condition, where their mind is constantly stressed, making it difficult to penetrate.

Elisha Goldstein—coauthor of A Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook—has a meditative technique to suggest that he calls a “mindful check-in.”

In this video clip from our new webcast series, Integrative Mental Health, Elisha explains how the mindful check-in works to get stressed clients to bring their wandering minds back to the present. It’s a simple breathing exercise that only takes a couple of minutes and can be put into practice immediately.

I hope you can join us for my conversation with Elisha Goldstein this Wednesday. He offers a variety of mindfulness-based methods that can help stressed clients (and their therapists!) bring more balance, peace, and sanity into their lives.

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