Becoming a Part of the Child Client’s Story

Dan Hughes on the Effectiveness of Psychological Hand-Holding

Rich Simon

Trying to help clients who have emotionally shutdown is one of the greatest challenges therapists can face. When that shutdown client is also a child, the path to effective treatment gets even rockier.

Daniel Hughes—author of Building the Bonds of Attachment and Attachment-Focused Family Therapy Workbook—has many techniques to suggest when working with troubled children who have put up a wall.

In a quick video clip from his session in our webcast series Is Attachment the Problem?, Dan talks about the importance of becoming a part of the child client’s story, rather than just an observer, and how this will help the child to better regulate their emotions.

This is just one example of the attachment-based perspectives that are explored and put into practice in this series.

Want To Learn More About Attachment Theory And How It Applies To Your Work?

Here’s a look at what’s covered in this 6-session series:

Diane Poole Heller on Presencing Secure Attachment
Discover how to tune into the nonverbal dimension of the therapy and establish a deeper therapeutic connection.

Bruce Ecker on When Is Attachment the Issue?
Develop your ability to determine when a client’s problem is rooted in early childhood experiences, or has some other source.

Susan Johnson on Attachment and Sexuality
Acquire new skills for addressing sensitive sexual issues in couples therapy.

Daniel Hughes on Getting Through to Shutdown Children and Families
Find out how to use yourself to create empathic dialogue between difficult kids and their stressed out parents.

Maggie Phillips on Attachment Issues in Chronic Pain
Explore the clinical applications of the latest discoveries about the links between unresolved trauma and physical pain.

David Feinstein on Healing Attachment Wounds with Energy Psychology
Learn simple but powerful techniques for neutralizing the charge of unresolved trauma.

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