VIDEO: New Networker Master Class Series! Overcoming Resistance with David Burns

The Secret to Better Outcomes in Less Time

David Burns, Rich Simon

Do you have clients who are stuck because they're resistant to change?

According to David Burns, MD, one of the originators of CBT and an expert in treating depression and anxiety, too often therapists ignore clients’ aversion to change.

So he's developed a powerful approach to overcoming client resistance—once and for all.

In our new online Master Class, Overcoming Resistance with Dr. David Burns: The Secret to Better Outcomes in Less Time, you can learn how David applies his evidence-based TEAM approach to motivate clients toward change and increase positive outcomes.

Register now and you'll have access to 4 video sessions that will:

  • Teach you David's 4-stage process for "melting" resistance
  • Show you David IN ACTION with a client who overcomes 9 years with crippling anxiety, depression, and guilt in a single session
  • Take you step by step from intake to positive resolution
  • Provide an in-depth analysis of David’s clinical decision-making throughout the session

Learn more.

Plus you'll have the opportunity to ask David Burns your questions on how to best apply this new approach to your practice in the LIVE Q&A.

You’ll see dramatic results – first hand!
$329.88 Value, Today $129.99

Register Today!


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Topic: Challenging Clients & Treatment Populations

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