New Video Course! Overcoming Resistance with David Burns

The Secret to Better Outcomes in Less Time

Rich Simon

By Rich Simon

There’s something both inspirational and humbling about watching master therapists at work. And while it's tempting to think of them as possessing rare therapeutic gifts, it's more helpful to ask, How exactly do they do it?

That’s a question that’s near to my heart—probably because a significant part of my own graduate training was spent behind one-way mirrors and viewing videos of actual therapy sessions. In other words, it involved watching skilled therapists doing therapy and hearing them talk about the choices they made moment to moment in the session. It was learning I found both exciting and practical. 

But these days, with heightened concerns about client confidentiality, it can be difficult to see skilled practitioners in action. That’s why we’re introducing Networker Master Classes—a new series of online video courses that showcase psychotherapy’s leading innovators using the therapeutic approaches they’ve pioneered in powerful clinical demonstrations of transformational healing. 

Our inaugural Master Class—Overcoming Resistance: The Secret to Better Outcomes in Less Timefeatures David Burns, MD, an originator of cognitive behavioral therapy and a renowned expert in treating depression and anxiety. The centerpiece of this 5-session Master Class is a remarkable clinical demonstration of David’s 4-stage approach with a woman who’s been stuck in depression for 9 years.

While David makes the transformational healing in the video seem effortless, his detailed analysis lifts the veil on his thinking and the subtleties of the choices that shape the session. Here’s your chance to experience the flow of a dramatic and extraordinarily productive session and also learn about the clinical thinking, decision-making, and interventions that underlie the powerful impact of what takes place.

I’m proud of our new Networker video Master Classes and I believe they bring a new level of depth, inspiration, and practical understanding to online learning. 

I invite you to learn more about the Master Class with David Burns. It gives you a taste of how this combination of demonstration and analysis by a master therapist can offer you new insight and direction on your journey to therapeutic mastery.


Rich Simon 

P.S. As a special gift, listen to David discuss how automatically assuming clients actually want to change the problems they initially present in treatment is the biggest mistake most clinicians make.


Topic: Anxiety/Depression | Challenging Clients & Treatment Populations

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