VIDEO: Helen Fisher on the Truth about Adultery's Scientific Advisor Weighs In

Helen Fisher

Stereotypes abound when you start to examine the phenomena of adultery. But in a world of new and emerging norms about commitment, intimacy, the right to personal happiness, and open relationships are there also new patterns of this ancient behavior? Has the truth about adultery changed?

Absolutely, says Helen Fisher, acclaimed author of The Anatomy of Love and scientific advisor to In this short video, she draws on research from the 20’s and 40’s and combines those findings with highlights from the most recent 6 years of’s Singles in America research to give you a snapshot of adultery today.

Take 3 minutes to learn the truth about adultery from Fisher. I think you’ll be surprised.

Helen E. Fisher, PhD, is an American anthropologist, human behavior researcher, and author of Why We Love: The Nature and Chemistry of Romantic Love.

Fisher says the data shows that, among people under the age of 40, women are just as adulterous as men. She goes on to mention two follow-up questions to the adultery question in the survey: “When a partner asks you how many sex partners you’ve had in the past, do you lie?” and “If you do lie, do you lie and say more or do you lie and say less?” The consensus? Only about 27 percent of the 25,000 singles in the study lied at all.


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