VIDEO: What Keeps Clients Coming Back?

The Power of Transparency

Lynn Grodzki

In today's Information Age, therapy clients are more informed—and have greater expectations up front—when it comes to the look and feel of therapy. And many times, if they don't see concrete results or momentum in the first few therapy sessions, they'll bail.

According to Lynn Grodzki—clinician and business coach for therapists—practitioners can meet these challenges head-on by being more transparent about what therapy entails from the very first session.

Here, she describes what you can do to show clients that therapy has been worthwhile.

Lynn Grodzki is a psychotherapist, master certified coach, and author of Building Your Ideal Private Practice and Crisis-Proof Your Practice: How to Survive and Thrive in an Uncertain Economy.

As Lynn explains, many clients might walk away from sessions unsure of what they've accomplished. Outlining main points and takeaways at the close of sessions not only instills confidence, but can strengthen the therapeutic alliance and lead to more positive and powerful client transformations.

Today's private practice work poses many challenges you probably didn't learn about in graduate school. But that doesn't mean that meeting the modern demands of clients is beyond your reach.


Did you enjoy this video? Check out Lynn's tips on integrating coaching techniques into your work, as seen in her Networker article "The Coaching Edge," and her reflections on the new consumer mindset of today's therapy clients—and how to suit them—in "Shopping for Therapy."

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Saturday, November 2, 2019 7:41:53 PM | posted by s. dearing
I literally asked weekly for almost 6 years what was supposed to be happening and all the therapist ever told me was she couldn't tell me. I found therapy to be a giant waste of time and money

Saturday, May 14, 2016 11:51:09 PM | posted by Laura Lawyer
I agree wholeheartedly on this approach. I literally have seen higher returns on the average client's number of sessions since implementing this approach. I had used with children and adolescents as we summarized the session's main points alone and then w/ their parents & decided to implement this with my adults and couples as well as my practice client focus changed over the years. Thanks again for great info!