How To Follow Clients’ Subtle Clues To Deep Healing Places

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Diana Fosha Shares An Example From Her Own Work

The shadow of a smile in the midst of tears, a momentary crinkle of the eyes in the wake of anger—hints of vitality such as these can be powerful clues to essential truths that a client may be totally unaware of.

According to Diana Fosha--originator of AEDP, Accelerated Experiential-Dynamic Psychotherapy--our work as therapists begins with “catching” the incongruity, mirroring it to the client, and embarking on an exploration of what it’s about.

Diana demonstrates how it works.

This clip is taken from our popular Webcast Series–The Healing Power of Emotion: New Perspectives. New Approaches. The series features Susan Johnson, Joan KlagsbrunJay EfranRick HansonRon Potter-Efronand Diana Fosha–clinical innovators who will help you master a variety of new approaches and methods to transform your work with your most challenging cases. Learn more about this very limited time re-release.

Topic: Challenging Clients & Treatment Populations

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